Why Walk

FC Pier to Pier Walk

We Walk for Friendship

Simple activities like attending school, going out to dinner and making friends can be a challenge for many children with special needs. As adults, we understand the importance of friendship and how these meaningful relationships impact our lives in a positive way. Like us, individuals with special needs thrive on the acceptance of their peers and the safety of their surroundings. Thanks to programs like The Friendship Foundation, children with special needs get the opportunity to cultivate lifelong friendships.

We Walk for Education

Schools across the nation have suffered from states' budget cuts threatening more than 280,000 teachers' jobs each year. We continuously see teachers being laid off, the ending of crucial programs, and ultimately the compromised quality of our children's education. Intent on reversing this trend, the SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk aims to improve our children's academic and professional futures by contributing to education foundations.